What is Somatic Shamanism?

"We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience"

With this experience comes all the pain and tension into our physical body.

Somatic refers to the body in all its realms.  A somatic approach recognizes that each body pattern is an outward manifestation of deeper mental and emotional aspects of a person.  A somatic therapist views the body as a malleable form that is always in flux, whose given postures and movements styles outwardly express an inner kaleidoscope of thoughts and feelings.  In a state of health, the prakruti or soma moves with grace, ease, and coordination.  Conversely, inner conflicts and unresolved psychological and physical issues manifest in chronic pain in the muscle.

Regardless of whether pain is physical or emotional, skeletal muscles reflexively contract around pain.  Chronic contractions create muscular imbalances that restrict motion, leading to postural problems and underling chronic pain.

Body awareness is the primary tool for change.  One needs to be able to feel a body pattern before it can be changed.  During massage, the practitioner’s touch helps a client become more aware of their body.  The client then becomes attuned with their body during day-to-day activities, which helps to heal and eliminate issues than can become chronic over time.

Spiritual work and mediation enhance and improve the energy flowing through us.  When we know that is energy that is manifesting as our physical life, we begin to master our own inner state.  This leads to a better well-being and deeper healing that unites our mind, body and spirit as one.  Through proper and dedicated practice we learn how to be less affected by the outer world and how to maintain inner balance.

When mind, body and spirit are operating in prakruti (optimum homeostasis) dependence on medication and rugs reduces automatically.



Somatic Shamanism is intuitive session utilizing different modalities of massage and energy work to help the client achieve optimum health.